Authors Of Our Own Demise

by Violent Arrest



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John: Thud / Ed: Buzz / Baz: Roar / Welly: Grunt

Recorded and Mastered at Made Of Ale Studios
by Matt Martin / December 2015 / Music: VA
Lyrics: Welly / Cover Art: Vince Ransid
Design: Artcore / Band Cartoon: Brian Walsby Photos: Rob Turl / Badge: Blood Red Fury Mac


released April 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Violent Arrest Bristol, UK

Hardcore punk band based in the South West of the U.K. since 2006. We've played in various bands since the Eighties, such as Ripcord, Heresy, Dumbstruck, Spite, and Can't Decide.

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Track Name: White Suburban Punk
Society made me what I am
A white suburban punk
I used to be an idealist
But now I’m mostly drunk

White suburban punk
White suburban drunk

Self-fulfilling prophecy
I was born to lose
Don’t need life experience
Just records, booze, tattoos
Track Name: Fortress Europa
Greece the fucking wheels
There’s España in the works
They’re writing rubber Czechs
For fences for the Turks
There’s refugees on fucking Poles
As Berlin flexes muscle
Neoliberal double Dutch
All the way from Brussels

Fortress Europa

London wants the boats
To sink Where’er they roam
‘Tween hell and high water
And the treaty of fucking Rome
Bureaucrats hide the stench
Of terror targets missed
Apologise to the French
But deposit to the Swiss

Fortress Europa
Track Name: No More Room In Hell
Some kind of instinct
Memory of what they did
This was important
A place in their lives
We've gotta stay
Outta the big cities
The brains are dead
The idiots are still alive

When there’s no more room in hell
The dead will walk the earth

Half-a-dozen guys
Got bitten by those things
None of them lasted
More than three days
Nuclear resources
Drop bombs on the cities
Help us deal with
These illogical ways
Track Name: Authors Of Our Own Demise
Swear the oath, to limitless growth
Glaring emission, corrupt politician
Critical mass, colony collapse
Mass migration, exploitation

Authors of our own demise
Our demise, our demise
Universe twenty five

Missing link, behavioural sink
Smash the hive, we won’t survive
Malthusian dread, bring out your dead
Flaw in utopia, species myopia
Track Name: Democracide
Trust in rust in offices all ossified
Bailing out a hole against a rising tide
Woe betide they defy vox populi
Vote for the same thing again and again

Democracide, state of decay, we lost our way
Track Name: Five More Years
We sat in stunned silence as they read the result
As the corrupt billionaire personality cult
Saw the desired effect of propaganda control
Now ‘hard working families’ can’t be consoled

Five more years of this fucking shit
Five more years can’t deal with it

The right seeks converts, the left seeks traitors
Too busy squabbling to stop dictators
Selling them shit by selling them papers
Educate another generation of waiters

Five more years legalising theft
Five more years won’t be nothing left